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About Lili Ermezei

Lili Ermezei is the founder of Helsinki Mind.
A multi-disciplinary practitioner, her deep expertise spans organisational and business psychology, brand strategy, creative leadership and a brain-based coaching practice.

Background in senior leadership, consulting, leadership psychology and coaching

Her previous roles include holding the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) position and being part of the leadership team at Wunderman Thompson Finland - a global digital and innovation company. She has also been working both as a Creative Director and Strategy Director in the advertising industry and has led cross-functional teams at international agencies. Lili is experienced in leading strategy and has worked with renowned global brands such as Finnair, Fiskars and Nokia Phones. 

She specialises in leadership development and strategic brand building to design innovative brands, businesses and high performing organisations with a human-centred approach. 


Lili is awarded the degree of MSc Organisational and Business Psychology from the University of Liverpool and holds an in-depth knowledge of behavioural aspects of organisational design, individual and team performance, and leadership. She is also a certified coach and trained brain-based coaching skills at the NeuroLeadership Group, an international organisation famous for its neuroscience-based methodology.

University lecturing

Lili is engaged in business and design education and works as a consultant and lecturer in the prestigious art and design university, MOME Budapest. She is engaged in developing the 'Business to Design' course and being part of the faculty to support the development of students' business skills.

Besides being a psychologist and strategist, Lili is an award-winning fashion and fine art photographer (not currently active) and has collaborated with several international art galleries and prestigious magazines. She also holds an MA in Visual Communications from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.


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